Azamald Blackthorne - The ripper of Ul'Dah

Common Knowledge

-He goes by the name 'Azamald Blackthorne' on paper for formal and business use, thought to be his only name as people are NOT generally aware of his tribal background. If you address him with "Buduga" he will deny such.
-He is the sole owner and deal maker of Blackthorne Industry , the largest weapons manufacturing and distribution companies in all of Ul'dah (that doesn't have any ties to military production).
-He owns a large mansion on a cliffside that overlooks the Goblet. Its far enough where he has privacy, but is able to still get the beautiful sights of the canyon bellow. This location also gives the perfect venue for stargazing.
-He is never seen without an eyepatch on over his right eye. There is a clear scar over that eye peaking out from the top and bottom of it.
-Of the servants and guards that he personally hires for the manor, they each wear a white rose that is grown in his garden outside of the mansion. Azamald takes great pride in the care of his greenhouse, enjoying the time he gets to spend alone with the plants. Its always peaceful and quiet.
-Of the few hobbies that the lord has, he enjoys reading romance novels. Ones that catch his interest most would be about dangerous attraction.


Identical twins Azamaldious and Odisius Himaa were born in the Himaa tribal grounds on a cool fall morning. The twins were inseparable, spending most of the days playing together in the field between the tribes.One day when they were no more than eight summers old, they went flower picking in a field away from the tribe. Two much larger men (Buduga) came up behind them and before they could even ask who these strangers were, they grabbed the twins. One holding up each of the young xeala. Odisius screamed and when trying to silence him, the man holding him put him into a choke hold, squeezing too tight, snapping his neck like it was a twig. The other Buduga watched this all happen and he stood there laughing.The murderer called the now lifeless twin weak and dropped the body to the ground, kicking and beating his lifeless form before taking the survivor back to the Buduga tribe with his partner in crime. Azamaldious told himself he would stay out of trouble until he was enough of an adult to leave. He stayed out of the way and quiet. Then his eighteenth summer came along and the ten year mark of his brothers death. The Himaa born Buduga took a farming sickle and chopped off the disgusting pig’s head. He took it with him, leaving the tribe the next morning. The young adult never looked back.Chikau Buduga was the name of his first victim and ended up being a name that he would never forget. This was the man that started the killer down a path to his serial murders."To rid the world of those that have pure ugliness in their souls."


name .................... Azamald Blackthornegender ............................................... Maleage ........................................................... 42height .................................................. 8'4"birthplace ............................. The SteppeSexuality .................................. Pansexual


Long raven black hair that comes down to four braids, two at each side. White eyes that seem to pierce through the night and anything lurking within it. Pure white skin. Fingers tipped with long black claws that he keeps pointed. His eyes seemingly glow a striking white when in the dark, growing brighter when he hunts or is focused on something. Lips are stained slightly red from drinking blood.


Lucky enough to find this xeala while he isn't hunting? The man appears to be cold, concise, but still a gentleman as much as one can be. He doesn't take to liking very many people and would much rather dip into the cold embrace of the shadows than to find himself in a crowd. If you are not careful you may find yourself being his next prey.

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Hooks and Roleplay Ideas

COMMON HOOK — In need of a weapon? Well its certainly fortunate that the name of Blackthorne Industry was given to you to seek out. The company is widely known in the merchant city of Ul'dah so there would be no issues at all finding your way to the lavish manor. Blackthorne doesn't only deal in weapons though. If you are looking for something that dips into blackmarket territory, this xeala can still help with services such as drug trafficking, hitmen, personal guards, aftermarket body parts, and transporting.COMMON HOOK — Looking for a bit of gil or a home to call your own? The Blackthorne Industry will welcome you with open arms if you have a service that you can offer. Criminal backgrounds are no problem at all, as an equal opportunity employer, the company helps out people of all kinds.UNCOMMON HOOK — From the Himaa or Buduga tribe? Perhaps you remember a boy from long ago that matched some of the physical traits of the lord of house Blackthorne. Though he may look quite different now, its not out of the realm of possibility that someone remembers him and/or his twin.RARE HOOK — Have you heard the word on the streets of Ul'dah about the Ripper? There have been people ending up in the back alleys without heads. There is no pattern that the guards have been able to identify, but perhaps you have stumbled upon a clue or a fresh scene that could lead you to questioning this xeala about his whereabouts during such a crime.

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- Affiliates and Bonds -

Tora and Tori Himaa

There are no two people that he would lay his life down for quicker than that of his nieces. These two are the last piece of familial connection that Azamald has left since he abandoned the idea of 'family' back in the Steppe. They found him over a decade later and he has sworn to protect them both, offering his manor as a safe haven for the girls.


Khasar Buduga

Second hand and a bodyguard that consistently shows his worth. 'Khas' (as Aza refers to him) is nothing if not loyal. Even though the two do often see differences in each other's actions, and can be caught in many quarrels, Azamald would not have anyone else to protect him. The bond of blood they share is as strong as diamonds.


Xiliax Heirthlord

What is one to do upon meeting such a refined figure? Well, It is said that upon their first meeting Xiliax and Azamald spoke for the entire night until the sun was up again, taste testing each wine in the expansive cellar of Manor Blackthorne. A business partner, an information broker, or simply a friend of the lord? Nobody knows exactly what they are to one another.


istolin de saillonaux

A meeting by chance became a very important relationship to the xeala. Not only is the connection to an Ishgardian lord and businessman one that could help him in many ways, but also being able to have someone he can trust entirely to help patch him up after his 'hunts'. Being the voice of reason, the angel on his shoulder, is tough when dealing with a man that is constantly out for blood.


Camillelang Hvanbaer

Ever since the moment Camille was hired onto the Blackthorne Industry staff he has been nothing but absolute chaos. Azamald keeps his kills clean and untraceable, Cami likes todo the opposite. He make so much of a scene with the wild demonic void magics that there is no body to even begin to trace back. A skilled mage but an uncontrollable force that keeps the xeala lord on his toes.


Sammy Jammy

How is it that an infamous serial killer would become close to that of Hydaelyn's own creation? Perhaps they had more in common than thought on a surface level, but it would also help that the kindness and caring personality of this viera was enough to draw anyone in. Even for a man that doesn't care much for sweets Azamald wouldn't pass up a chance to try one of Sammy's fresh-baked treats.


Ashwin Silver

Working as a mortician in the great city of Ul'dah has its ups and downs. There are lots of clients, for better or worse. Some days it keeps him busy but others he likes to work on... Personal projects. He has a long-standing contract with Azamald for continued work making the bodies disappear for his own use, and cleaning/mounting the skulls of the 'Ripper's' victims.


Rules of Engagement !

PLAYER — Miko / Male / He-Him / 25 / EST timezoneREQUIRED — ONLY contact me if you are 21+.DISCLAIMER — If you even attempt to take things from IC to OOC in terms of romantic feelings or sexual content, I will cease all communication. I am in a loving IRL relationship.SEARCHING — Azamald is a very violent character but not every single scene has to have murder in it! I want to build long lasting stories with his partners and allies on the professional and personal side.You are absolutely welcome to rp with him if you like the story/personality, I would be happy to help come up with a hook or plot idea of how he and your character would meet. Its not a common fact that he is tribal born due to how he carries himself, but I am not against someone from the Himaa or Buduga recognizing him!LIMITS — ABSOLUTELY NO Pedo/Underage/Minors, Lalafell sexualization, Godmodding, OC Death (That isnt approved by both parties), ERP only, Fetishizing my OC, Scat play, Vore, Micro/Macro, and Bara.

If you think you like this character and wish to RP with him, PLEASE, feel free to message me in game or on discord (please ask)!If you aren't interested in this character but might like to look at my other ones, please refer to my list here: